I create detailed, full-service, customized programs for each person who works with me. You are able to book an initial tea-date for us to get to know one another in more detail, so you can tell me what you hope to work on, and I can give you more information on how I see us working together to overcome your challenges and reach your goals.  We may find we need to have several conversations to discover what would truly be my most accurate recommendation for you.

Note that I do not work in the standard model of the wellness industry, with one-off appointments or session packs.  Programs serve your needs and access my strengths better than one-off sessions, and this requires a commitment of time, energy and resources on both our parts.  Possible formats include private day-long immersions and year-long programs, and multi-day small group retreats to form the foundation of ways we could work together.

The private work can be done with a colleague or personal partner, and extended private programs are also available with an additional team of wellness workers who are at the vanguard of their fields of Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Network Spinal Care, and Massage.

If you can’t find any times to book, or you are a current practice member who is looking to book appointments in an existing program, please connect with me directly at contact@matthewromantini.com.