Just Out Of Reach

Narcissus, Tantalus, and Sisyphus angered the gods. As punishment, they were sent to the underworld and bound to endless torments-- each devised to fit their crime. After a long internment, they are visited by the gods who have come with an offer: continue their eternal struggles, or choose to end them by committing suicide. The offer is refused, and bewildered, the gods question them, suspecting that the long tortures may have driven them insane. What is revealed is both shocking and beautiful. Created for Theatre of Music, a project by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (PNME), Just Out of Reach played at PNME’s 2008 season, then toured to the Edinburgh Fringe that same year.

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award


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Matthew played Tantalus, and created the movement and choreography for the show.

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