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Artistic Creator          Movement Specialist          Educator

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artistic endeavours

Learn more about my company Omnivore Performance,

as well as my other Artistic Projects, Repertoire and Collaborations


As a creator and artist, I work in dance, theatre, and with orchestral ensembles across the continent.  I have been nominated for and won several awards endowments and grants, and more importantly, I have been fortunate to collaborate with notable artists and audiences across the globe, from Toronto, Vancouver, New York, LA, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Edinburgh Sydney, and Tokyo, and continue to bring together the influences of my wellness and artistic practices to positively affect both.

Healing & Development

Learn more about Sadhana Embodiment,

a movement practice that can lead to

Healing, Personal & Professional Development


As a movement therapist and facilitator, I help you (individuals, couples and organizations) address challenges by building physical awareness, which helps to further address what holds you back in body, mind, and emotion. I do this with a combination of deep embodiment practices, mindfulness, and dialogue, so you can live freer from the static of stress, strain and pain, and be more present, authentic, aware, and connected. 


Let’s Talk In Real Time

For conversations about artistic projects or wellness options, the first step is to set up a tea date, trail walk or virtual hangout.  

Matthew Romantini

About Matthew

I have been a sensitive and perceptive person my entire life, and several profound early-life events led me to begin a self-awareness practice from a young age.  I have decades of experience as an athlete, dancer, theatre creator, voice worker, movement teacher, yoga therapist and somatic facilitator, which gives me a unique perspective on the holistic nature of our human experience.  I am a long-time performer, writer, choreographer, artistic director, and consultant. I am also certified as a yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and as a Batdorf Technique facilitator.  

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