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A transformational gathering for you who crave deeper access to your Self, with time for self-reflection and growth in community.

We have so much untapped wisdom within us, and I run this retreat to help us access it.  Connect to your inner genius in a new location each year.  Spend the retreat immersed in beautiful surroundings, with powerful co-participants who, like you, desire deep self-awareness. You’ll discover more about yourself, rejuvenate your spirit with both personal and interpersonal experiences, and come home more inspired, rested and motivated.  


More introverted?  So am I.  My retreats are for introverts as well as extroverts. 

Note: Travel to and from the retreat must be organised by the participant.


Sicily 2019

In November 2019, on the east coast of Sicily, 9 people gathered for a stunning 7 day retreat.  Guided by intuition, we explored movement, meditation breath, and connection with nature.  We meandered the pastures, forests and orchards, swam the water of the Mediterranean Sea, drank in the air of the sea-breeze and the mountains, and witnessed the fire of Mount Etna, as we were fed transcendent food by my mother.

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