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Deepen and advance your professional practice.  Become more present, powerful and effective at what you do. 


Great for teachers, facilitators, wellness workers, artists and leaders.


Designed originally as a private next-level training for yoga teachers and movement facilitators, the advanced training program is a good fit for you if you are passionate about what you’re already doing and you want to level yourself up.  So in addition to instructors, it suits you wellness workers, arts and performance teachers, and leaders who see the value of embodiment, no matter your field.  You think of your work not just as a job, but a calling.  I created this program so you could prime yourself to be the instrument of that calling.  


You’re already well trained, and you have experience.  But you want to make a difference in a deeper way.  You feel the need to connect with who you truly are in order to live up to your potential.  


This program is about helping you operate from the authentic core of your true Self.  It’s about building the presence, power and well-being to do what’s important to you, rather than being just another industry professional. It’s about being truly satisfied and passionate about what you do, and why you do it.  


A maximum of two people trained per year means we get to customize this to your needs and wants more than would be possible in a group training program.

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We’ll have as many conversations as we need to get specific about your goals and challenges.


We’ll collaborate to create a program that specifically addresses those challenges and moves you toward the future you see for yourself.


 We’ll dive in to that program using embodiment practices, dialogue, independent projects and a positive accountability process to get you moving in the right direction.


This program is about you.  So I’ve built in a responsive, living check-in process that helps us adjust our course to increase the relevance of your program as you evolve and grow.  


“Matthew is a teacher’s teacher”



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