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Our Approach

Connecting the creative with the therapeutic


I help you learn the languages your body speaks, and that leads to less pain, more purpose, and a stronger sense of Self.  This approach unifies mind, body, and spirit, bringing all three to the table with equal say in how you live.  It perpetuates change, awareness and release, healing and growth



The more we understand about what we have the power to change, the more empowered we are to affect that change.  And your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, history -- all of it is located in your physical body. There are concrete ways to address challenges and affect change through body awareness.  And, if you want more than just survival, you can use that same awareness to lift you from normal, to something amazing -- to thriving.  

For this to work, be ready to get involved in your own healing and development, and motivated to make positive change.


Commitment to Clients

I believe in you. Period. I believe humans are inherently creative and resilient, whether we’re at our lowest ebb or our highest peak.  I will do my best to ensure you feel seen, accepted, and empowered. I will provide support to get you standing on your own two feet, and expert advice and suggestions for growth when you’re standing strong. I’m here to help you rediscover your spark, to find your Self inside your own body. 


How this works

Your first step is to reach out to me. Tell me a little about yourself and what you’re looking for.  We’ll then connect in person, or remotely by phone or video call.  If we both feel it's right to continue, I’ll suggest some ways we could do that.


I want to work with the people who will get the most benefit from my expertise, so rest assured if the fit doesn’t feel right, I’ll do my best to connect you with a resource that would be better for you.  


Our Approach


My core purpose is helping you with your ability to perceive, accept, understand and respond to the signals of your body.

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