Sadhana Embodiment

Finding the roots of your challenges, your truest talents, and your purpose on this planet


What is 

Sadhana Embodiment?

Your Body is the Conduit for 


Your Healing, 

Your Wisdom, 

Your Transformation.

-We can work privately in one-on-one sessions, or bespoke programs and courses.

-We can work in groups through classes, seminars, retreats and discussion gatherings.

Sadhana Embodiment is a movement practice that blends yoga, yoga therapy, somatics, The Batdorf Technique, mindfulness, and spoken voice work, and uses discussion to process your discoveries.  This can be a healing practice, as well as a personal-development practice.  At core, it is both.

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Let's work together

People who work with me are sensitive, self-reflective, smart, and driven human beings. They tend to want increased strength and resilience for a meaningful life.  ​

They want change, transformation, and integration. They want a new definition of “normal”.  And they recognize that they don’t need to do this alone. I believe that in order to work together in a deep way, the fit needs to be really, really good. Here’s some things that could make it work:

About you

You are interested in unifying the different elements of yourself (or you already do).  Mind, body, emotions, even spirit; you sense these things are linked and you want to increase the connection between them.  


You know there’s uncharted territory in your 

self-awareness that you want to explore, and you are open to learning more about your blind spots.

You’re ready for a major shift in how you 



You know that it’s not an option to settle or 

let things stay as they are.

About me

I slow down a lot, especially if you’re used to rushing. I “follow the breadcrumbs”, even when I don’t know where they lead.


Discovery is important.  I use loose structures in our work to discover insights we wouldn’t find with a rigid plan of attack.


I help you build tolerance for exploring and transforming the reaches of your being, bit by bit.


I act as trusted support at your side, while you integrate your discoveries and strengthen your ability to walk your own walk.  And I know it takes time to build trust. 


The best option to try out working with me, return after a period away, tune up your awareness or target one challenge you are addressing.  As targeted or exploratory as you need.  


A good option if you have something slightly more complex you want help with.  Concentrated contact including orientation, extended work session(s) and follow up, with time for impromptu support between sessions.


The deepest and most extensive support I offer.  Regular contact for an extended period, with one-on-one healing & development, leadership and organisation-centred programs.

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Let’s Talk In Real Time

The first step is to set up a tea date, trail walk or virtual hangout.  



In a different, beautiful locale each year, the Evolution Retreat is a powerful way to radically increase your self-awareness by doing deep personal work alongside fellow practitioners who are also sensitive, perceptive and motivated. I’m a very internal person myself, so the retreat leverages the power of community, while cultivating space for introversion and introspection. 


Maximum 12 participants.


“I feel more authentically myself, more creatively powerful, and more optimistic about my future than I have in at least a decade, and it’s expressly because of the collaborative and personal development time I’ve spent with Matthew.”

— Kieran, 

Composer & Mathematician