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Private Services

Deep Embodiment Practices Customised for Individuals & Duos

I help you address what holds you back by connecting you with the innate and sometimes surprising wisdom of your body. Through many years of experience, I have developed a powerful combination of mechanical knowledge of the body, and a safe way for you to explore your physical, emotional and intuitive inner life.  This deep embodiment practice helps you turn down the physical and mental static in your system, and gets you past suffering, beyond survival, and into a more fully realised life.  

Private Classes



1, 3 and 5-session options for those seeking targeted biomechanical, vocal or organisational assistance. 

​Get my support on an area of static you’re experiencing; injury, pain, stress, strain, organizational challenges, and challenges of perspective.  This is a collaborative and supportive option tailored to you and your personal or professional needs.

Renewal Immersions

9.5 hours of focused private assistance for those seeking clarity on one opportunity or challenge.   


Get my support on the one area we both agree you will benefit most from developing. This is a collaborative private consulting option tailored to you and your personal or professional needs.  Includes time for between-session support, and several ways to structure our time together.

Renewal Immersions
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