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A farce about Generals Wolfe and Montcalm depicting a comical (and fictional) chance encounter between them in the early morning of September 13, 1759, sometime before the fateful Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Montcalm makes Wolfe his prisoner and a clash of wills and wits ensues.

Witty and provocative, Inséparable blends French and English theatrical styles while weaving together macabre humour, farce, satire and drama to explore the characters of two very different men who have assumed a place that is larger than life in our collective conscience. History moves to the sidelines as the two generals verbally and physically grapple with each other, confronting their impending destinies. At turns satirical and playful Inséparable paints a tragicomic portrait of two flawed commanders who would go on to share a place in history.

Cast & Crew

Written by Louis Lemire
Directed by Matthew Romantini
Cast: Jerome Bourgault and Matthew Romantini
Set Design by Annie Lefebvre
Lighting and Stage Management by Melody Louie

Show Info

100 minutes

2 performers


Original Production
Presented by Ottawa Arts Court

"This ditch on the cliff creates an ideal playground for the director who decides to tackle the work: Matthew Romantini hits the mark by presenting this play in which humor becomes, for once, the ally of the history and bilingualism."


- Maud Cucchi, Le Droit

Read the full review in French here

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