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Pelvic Floor Seminar


Working with your pelvic floor can be painful and stressful.  Maybe even the term "pelvic floor" sets your teeth on edge.  Well, it doesn't have to be that way.   Your pelvic floor is a type of structure called a diaphragm, and it's one of four major diaphragms in your torso.  They work as a team, so when you improve the function in the other three, you will automatically get the benefit in your pelvic floor as well.  That integration of all four diaphragms is the main focus of this seminar.  We'll work on increasing your ability to feel what's going on in your body, finding new ways to get your mind, body, and breath synced up well.  


I created this seminar specifically for people who are working with pelvic floor challenges, and want to try a unique approach to support that work.  You can do this work anytime, on its own, or add it to any pre-existing routines.  I know that working on this part of our bodies can sometimes feel invasive and aggressive, so it's important to me  that our approach effectively decrease bracing and stress in your system, in the moment.  My experience has shown me that bigger, more lasting effects come from increasing awareness, rather than aggressively trying to fix what you find.  


Join me, and feel free to reach out with any questions in advance of the seminar.  

Duration: 2 hours (30 minutes of anatomy simulation and context, 60 minutes of gentle practice based in somatics and breath work, and a final 30 minute Q&A).  

Location: Online Live Stream via Zoom

Investment: $49 (tax included) for the recordings and written resources.

What people are saying

I had an interesting and unexpected discovery following the Pelvic Floor Seminar.  The following morning I sang for a communion mass and noticed that my singing voice was a lot freer than usual...I was amazed especially since the exercises were the night before and I only prepared with my usual vocal warm-ups the same morning.  I'm looking forward to exploring the connections in greater depth.



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