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Field of Flowers

The Boys In The Band

It’s Harold's birthday and everyone is invited! The party takes place at the New York loft of Michael (Matthew Romantini) who is always the gracious host. A home which spirals him further and further into debt while being accompanied by alcohol to wash the blues away. The festivities begin on a high note. Full of camp songs, dancing, witty remarks and an early birthday gift, but quickly turn when Michael's conservative college friend, Alan, unexpectedly drops by. Once the birthday boy arrives, amidst all the chaos, the party and the games begin.

Cast & Crew

The show is directed by Randie Parliament.

Contact Randie Parliament to program this work

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“Thank you. I have suffered from panic attacks all my life, and I have never seen a portrayal of that onstage that was so visceral and realistic.” 

--Audience member 

“It was almost too real. I have been to parties like that.” 

--Audience member

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