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The Rage of Narcissus

For the first time in North America, Expandido, a Torontonian Queer Latino Theatre Group, brings to the stage The Rage of Narcissus. This critically acclaimed play, penned by Franco-Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco and adapted by director Marcio Beauclair, is performed by the talented Matthew Romantini.

An introspective journey unfolds within the confines of a hotel room as Blanco prepares a speech about the Narcissus myth, leading him into the darkness within us all. This play is a masterful blend of gripping thriller and intellectual exploration, styled as 'autofiction'—the genre that centres the author's subjectivity—creating dramatic reflections.

The Rage of Narcissus has been internationally celebrated, voted one of the best Off West End London premieres in 2021, and made its Canadian debut at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace. Be prepared for a compelling narrative that weaves elements of Greek myth, modern philosophy, and Blanco's own life details with absolute fiction.

Cast & Crew

Expandido Theatre Group:
Sergio Blanco: Playwright
Marcio Beauclair: Director
Matthew Romantini: Performer
Anita Monteiro: Cinematographer
Brandon Gonçalves: Lighting Designer
Daniel Goldman: Translator
Flavia Martín: Stage Manager
Julian Henao: Sound Designer
Marcelo Moura Leite: Art Director
Maria Paula Carreña-Martinez: Assistant Director
Renato Baldin: Set and Costume Designer

Contact Marcio Beauclair at Expandido Theatre Group to program this work.  

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“I'm going to pay attention to Blanco, Beauclair and the producing company Expandido Theatre Group.”

— Glenn Sumi

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