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Field of Flowers

Weaver Woman

A woman in a window, some stars, the rain and a man crossing a river. . .
The Myth:
The myth of the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd originally comes from China. It tells of separated lovers who become the stars Altair and Vega. These two stars are kept apart by the "River of Heaven" or Milky Way but are allowed to meet on one side of the river on the seventh day of the seventh month each year.
The Contemporary Short Story:
Chingnyo (Weaver Woman) is a hauntingly magical and imagistic short story written by Korean writer O-Chonghui. It is a contemporary retelling of the Weaver Girl and Cowherd myth, but embraces the loneliness and tension of relationships, separation and social expectations.
The Performance Project:
Weaver Woman is a dance-theatre project that involves movement, text, music and visual art. It is choreographed and performed by TomoeArts Artistic Director Colleen Lanki, working in collaboration with dancer-actor Matthew Romantini.

Cast & Crew

Original Production
Choreography: Colleen Lanki
Composition: Lan Tung
Performers: Matthew Romantini, Maki Yi and Colleen Lanki
Musicians: Lan Tung, Jonathan Bernard and Peggy Lee
Costume & Set Design: Ines Ortner
Japanese Watercolour Paintings:Etsu Essence Inoue
Lighting Design: Gerald King
Projection Design: Chengyan Boon
Based on the original story by: O-Chonghui
Translated by: Miseli Jeon
Adapted for the stage by: Colleen Lanki, Matthew Romantini, Lan Tung & Maki Yi
Presented in partnership with The Dancing on the Edge Festival

As of January 2024, this work is no longer available to program.

Contact us for details and alternatives.  

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"People in the audience were so touched they cried." 

-- Vancity Buzz

"A visual and aural extravaganza."

 -- Beyond YVR

"An exhilarating experience" 

-- Review Vancouver

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