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Adamantium is about immortality. Dancers test themselves against mental and physical limitations, simultaneously revealing their strength and vulnerability. Why do we strive for invincibility, and at what cost?

In this striking first collaboration between Matthew Romantini and Ronya Lake the dancers cycle rapidly through rich and complex imagery, reaching beyond the boundaries of culture and context to speak of universal human struggle. The individual journeys of this man and woman, in their attempt to live beyond their finite mortal bodies becomes a metaphor for a race of humans who are increasingly having to address a deeply flawed and failing system.

The thread of hope is found in the resilience of the human spirit, in its ability to show compassion and love even in the face of its own destruction.

Cast & Crew

Choreographed by Ronya Lake

Show Info

22 minutes

Performed as a solo or duet.


Originally performed at the Ayden Gallery
With Costumes by Gretchen Elsner
Vancouver BC
March 2006

Choreographer’s Note: The journey of the piece is that of wanting to be invincible filling my veins with metal, being a machine, the machine proving in fact to be vulnerable to systems failures, the machine body becoming a body of flesh, waking up to the reality of being human and mortal, becoming aware of loss, grieving the loss (that experience somehow being a rite of passage / loss of innocence) developing a ferocity about life by experiencing absolutely everything, until I’ve experienced so much that I finally realize that all there is of importance in life is love, searching for a hundred ways to express that love, giving myself over completely to that love, finding there is more, giving myself over again completely to that love, and finding still there is more, and then once I have given everything to love, continuing to find more love to give even as the mortal body failed me, not letting go of hope, continuing to love.

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