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Are we merely beings of earth: minerals and flesh and water? Are we merely beings of heaven; air and aether and mind?

Matthew Romantini joins with Barbara Bourget to create a work that lives in the great between of these two extremes, exploring the bound desire to fly, and the free desire to crash.

Cast & Crew

Choreographer: Barbara Bourget
Performer: Matthew Romantini
Lighting Design: Gerald King

Show Info

42 Minutes

1 performer


Original Production

"Romantini seems to pull something from his back, creating a miniature universe just beyond our very eyes. His closing steps are thoughtful, methodical and intimate: his eyes acknowledge mine, and I see him see me... With this work, there seems to be a hopeful future in this unique theatrical dance form: hopefully it won’t be the last solo Romantini offers to dance audiences." 

- Eury Chang, The Dance Current 

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