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Lie, cheat and steal. Especially from yourself

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Gogol's The Government Inspector, although written 186 years ago, translates to our contemporary world with chilling ease. Blinded by their own anxiety at getting caught lying, cheating and stealing, an entire town comes to believe they are on the receiving end of a terrifying reckoning: a government inspector is coming to ensure their (non-existent) virtue. What's to be done? Lie, cheat and steal their way out of it, of course. Rife with self-delusion, guided by fear and motivated by a profound sense of lack, the people of this small Russian town stand in thrall to a vacuous impostor whose capacity for fantastical grandeur makes it impossible for him to question why everyone keeps giving him money and treating him so well. The Government Inspector sets the stage for the cringe-worthy comedy we have adopted as our own, and the Randolph production takes advantage of the talent of the performers to create a fast-paced physically virtuosic adaptation of the play.

Cast & Crew

by Nikolai Gogol

Adapted by Matthew Romantini and the company from the Translation by Thomas Seltzer

Directed by: Matthew Romantini
Stage Manager & Production Manager: JB Beaulieu
Lighting Design: Brandon Goncalves
Costume Design: Tycoda Gilecki
Set & Properties Design: Amelia Mielke-O'Grady
Technician: Corey Palmer
Production Photography: Dahlia Katz
Poster Design: Dahlia Katz

ASM: Jaysea Cowen/Rianna Persaud
Dramaturgy: Rin Malova
Sound Design: Sarah Phillips
Director Shadow: Rianna Persaud
Fight Captain: Rianna Persaud

Show Info

250 minutes
2 Acts

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Directed originally for Randolph College for the Performing Arts

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