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What if war was an obsolete force, what might take its place?

Originally commissioned by the Parkdale BIA for Nuit Blanche 2008, The War Is Over brings together dancers from disparate traditions using a diverse creation process that pulls from Authentic Movement and River work, Butoh, The Batdorf Technique, and an image scoring technique devised by Ronya Lake and myself.

Set to music inspired by the 2001 attacks in New York (Robert Sirota’s Triptych), the dancers begin in their own separate worlds, alone in their suffering as well as their joy. As the work proceeds however, we begin to see how their individual experiences overlap in images, relationship and interaction, until their unique expressions begin to mesh into a cohesive shared experience.

Cast & Crew

Choreographed by Matthew Romantini
Performed by Ronya Lake, Brandy Leary, Matthew Romantini and Cara Spooner

Show Info

30 minutes
1-4 performers


Original Production
Commissioned by the Parkale BIA for Nuit Blanche 2008

Choreographer’s Note: In the wake of 9/11, I could feel the impacts of terror on my body. The isolation, the contraction, the physiological impacts of fear and helplessness. It influenced all my work, as well as my approach to consuming and creating art.  I rediscovered butoh in the wake of this feeling, when I was mystified by the fact I wasn’t seeing any expression in performances, of the feeling I was experiencing in my body.  Butoh showed that, and this work was an extension of that, born from a desire to process the terror directly.

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